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 Our state certified water lab tests a variety of water quality parameters from public and private water systems, as well as non-drinking water sources.

What is in my water? 

Water is commonly tested for:

  • Total Coliform Bacteria - The standard indicator for bacterial contamination in your water system.

  • Nitrate - May occur in groundwater, often due to wastewater contamination.

  • Arsenic - A naturally occurring element that may be present in groundwater at high levels

Our lab facilitates testing for these and a variety of other parameters, please contact us if there is something else you would like to test for in your water. 

For more information on water testing related to private water systems visit the Center For Disease Control website. Testing requirements for public water systems can be found on the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) website.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for information regarding testing fees.

When can I bring in a sample?
Total Coliform water samples are accepted Monday - Thursday with the exception of holidays. No Total Coliform samples will be accepted after 3:00pm on Thursday, except by special arrangement. Nitrite, pool, and spa require special scheduling. Most other water samples may be received during regular business hours. Contact us to confirm sample receiving schedule.

How do I collect and handle water samples?

Different samples have different requirements. Instructions are on the back of the attached forms (see links). Sample bottles are available at our office during business hours.

How do I disinfect my water system?

If your water tests positive for Total Coliform Bacteria or E. Coli you can disinfect your well or water system by following instructions found at the Disinfection link.

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